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About Ashley


Why, hello there.
My name is Ashley Green and here is a little about me:

I am a self-taught, professional photographer based out of the fantastic city of Edmonton, Alberta.
I love to travel as much as possible and incorporate that into my job as often as I can!
My passion for photography started when I was young and I’ve fallen in love with this profession over and over again since taking it up full time (over 5 years ago).
I love baking, travelling, making pillow forts, my pet rabbit , Macaroni, my Yorkie, Winnie, and my amazing and supportive husband, Kyle.
My hair color changes on a constant basis and I’ve been almost every color you can think of.
I spend my free time doing yoga, hiking, concert-going, gardening, and attending festivals &  farmers markets.
I am extremely passionate about volunteering and am involved in numerous organizations in the city of
Edmonton as well as one I started myself called Love Letters 2 Strangers.
I believe in what I do; that a photo can change someone’s view on themselves or others…that photos can capture the most
touching and sincere moments at times. It just makes me so happy when I think about it!

I am a big fan of little details, pushing creativity in shoots, and, most importantly, making sure photos look and feel authentic and beautiful.


2017 Goals:

-Drink more water every day
-Become a consistent blogger  (Why is this my goal every year? Haha)
-Travel throughout England with my best friend
-Keep studying Spanish and overcome future/past tense!
-Year 2 of Folk Fest
-Sign Winnie and I up to visit senior citizens
-Learn how to macrame something
-Do a giant spring clean up of our house
-Become a Zumba teacher and encourage people to shake their booty!
-Learn to live with less