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Things I Like – Eva Sweet Waffles

Imagine the most delicious waffle you’ve ever had. Now multiple that goodness by 3 and you have Eva Sweet Waffles.
I had heard about some mysterious waffle food truck in Edmonton before and I was extremely curious to see what everyone was talking about.
I mean, waffles are great and all but what was it about these ones that were making people so eager to share their experience (and not so eager to share their portion).
Luckily enough, I was able to taste my first Eva Sweet Waffles at Edmonton’s second “What the Truck” food truck gathering in September this year! I stood in line with my husband in the fairly chilly weather for about 30-40 minutes. The line grew behind us and there were at least 20 people ahead of us. Once at the front of the line, my husband and I each ordered one waffle and I kept thinking “Could these waffles really be worth it?” Oh yes, darlings, they were.

We ordered Eva’s Sweet delicious and savory bacon waffles. That’s right, I said BACON.
It was golden brown with a crispy outside and delicious soft inside. There were delicious chunks of bacon and, my favorite, “sugar pearls”.
These teensy pockets of a sweet blended so well with the crispy bacon and I was instantly hooked.
If you aren’t into savory+sweet they also have a large variety of sweet waffles – cinnamon, chocolates and maple, oh my!

Eva’s Sweet’s website explains that what they sell is a  “Liege” waffle which is “a denser, sweeter variety of waffle that is more like a dessert than a breakfast food”. These types of waffles are sold as street food and out of food trucks/vans in Belgium. Since my first tasting, I have had Eva Sweet Waffles multiple times and enjoyed each and every moment (although my husband and I are much smarter now and order 2 each!) If you are looking for a delicious new way to waffles I suggest you scout them out in Edmonton and try one for yourself.
Eva Sweet Waffles can be found giving updates on locations of their trucks and other great food banter on twitter – just follow @EvaSweetWaffles!

Eva Sweet will be at the “Truck Stop” tomorrow, October 6th in front of City Hall from 11am-2pm along with other delicious food trucks from Edmonton!

Happy eating!

Bacon waffle! Mmmmm nom nom.

Camera phone shot!
The line up of people waiting for Eva Sweet waffles at the Edmonton “What The Truck” event downtown.

My first taste of an Eva Sweet waffle captured! (I cropped out the drooling photos before hand) 😉

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