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Where I have been!

Hi darlings!
I know some of you have been wondering why blog posts have been a little infrequent the last little while and
I’m here to give you a couple big updates (both professional and personal ones)!
First off, I went on a lovely little vacation with my husband and his family + family friends to Cuba for a few weeks.
The weather was incredible and I soaked up every ray of sun I could.
We took a little time off the beach to visit Trinidad & I even got to barrel around in a big 6 wheel drive Russian truck.
We waded through rivers and jumped from one waterfalls to the next in our jungle tour – lots of adventure!

The next biggest thing that’s been keeping me so busy is designing this network of websites for myself! It’s been about
2 months of steady working but I think I’ve got out all the (major) kinks and I’m really excited about it.

Here’s how I designed my sites now:

1) The Navigation Page is the first one you see when you visit and it will take to wherever you need to go!

2) The Gallery is a new site I made to showcase my wedding, engagement and portrait photography. It includes a page about me, testimonials, my pricing,
and any promotions I have going on. The Gallery is a great place to get an overview of the work I do and it includes the Client Area – a place where current/past clients can view their own personal galleries as well as write me feedback and nice things!

3) This Blog! You’re already here so I think you’ve figured most of it out. 😉 This site will be used to show my most recent photography sessions and give news updates/contests. I’ve also decided I’m going to add a lot more Ashley stuff to the blog – personal updates, wedding vendors/services I want to promote, and any fun things I find that I think you will like. This blog is going to be updated on a constant basis so keep checking back for exciting things!

4) Boudoir Blog. I have been wanting to get into shooting boudoir for quite a while now and so this is my new exciting project!
I will be posting photos of some girls I’ve shot with this summer and be announcing my first boudoir weekend as well!
This site will feature all the boudoir photos and updates so head there for more information!



So, as you can see, with these two major things going on amidst booking wedding and shooting throughout the weeks I’ve had a bit on my plate the past little while!
That’s why I am so thrilled to have my brand spankin’ new site up and running!

Send me a comment or email if you like what you see – or if you find a mini issue with viewing something!

Thanks for all the support guys. Big love.

Shine on,



Other than the photo in the top left corner, my family (or possibly a stranger) took these photos.
I can’t always be behind the camera, you know. 😉






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